About Our Caravan Finance


Are you looking to join the millions of people who enjoy the caravan and motorhome experience? Do you want to holiday in the UK or in Europe?

At What Caravan Finance we can help your dream come true by helping you get caravan finance or motorhome finance. Looking for a great finance package on caravan finance or motorhome finance? Is rest and relaxation missing in your life? We can help you get caravan finance or motorhome finance and you'll be on an adventure in no time!

Caravan finance and motorhome finance, regardless of your credit history, Even if you have a bad credit history, What Caravan Finance can help!

We specialize in getting clients with poor credit caravan finance and motorhome finance. Whether you have a bad credit history, CCJ's, mortgage arrears, defaults, or are self employed; What Caravan Finance can still help!

Important notes to keep in mind while applying for caravan finance or motorhome finance:

  • Lends from £1,000-£500,000
  • Caravans, motorhome and van conversions considered
  • Caravans/motorhome's/van conversions up to 13 years old considered
  • Competitive rates and payment plans
  • Easy payments by direct debit