Types of Caravans

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The conventional caravan

The majority of caravans have a single axle and are between 3 and 6.5 metres long inside. Depending on the interior layout, they can sleep between two and six people. They normally have a washroom, usually with a toilet, basin and shower, and a kitchen area equipped with a sink, hob, work surfaces and other necessities.




The twin axle caravan

Larger and heavier caravans may be fitted with twin axles. This makes them more stable and easier to tow on the road, but more difficult to manoeuvre when you're pitching on site or returning them to storage.




Caravan-Finance3Pop top caravans

Much less popular than they once were, pop tops use a lifting roof to give standing headroom in an otherwise small caravan. This means the caravan has less frontal area when towing meaning less drag and a better fuel consumption in your towcar. They can be stored undercover in a conventional height garage at home.



Caravan-Finance4Tiny GRP caravans

There are some compact GRP (often known as fibreglass) caravans on the market, including the Freedom caravan range. Freedom caravans are small, low priced caravans and are built in Poland. The one piece, glass reinforced plastic body shell is unique and long lasting and means the units hold their value well.
Inside fittings can be pretty basic which means they're also fairly light in comparison to no-luxuries spared premium models. But, all in all, these little caravans have provided a comfortable and value-for-money start in the great world of caravanning for thousands of families and couples.


Caravan-Finance5Folding caravans

You will be amazed the first time you see a small folding caravan arrive on site, as its owners unfold their low trailer into a full height, fully equipped caravan.
Folding caravans are easier to store and tow, but they need to be erected on site every time you camp, which can be a little time-consuming and a bit more inconvenient than a conventional caravan. Only you can decide whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for you.


Caravan-Finance7The American Airstream

Airstream manufactures these famous silver bullets so beloved by American film stars and they're now available with a European specification in sizes more suitable for British roads.



Caravan-Finance6Fifth Wheelers 

These distinctive caravans originated in the USA but are now made in Britain as well. US and continental imports are also available.
Rather than having a normal caravan hitch, they can only be towed by a pickup truck with a proper articulated towing connection on the bed.
Some offer a huge amount of living space and some even have slide-out sections to give even more room.
These stylish trans-Atlantic caravans offer all the creature comforts in an elegant - if somewhat expensive - package. You'll also attract a lot of attention wherever you park up in this iconic bit of luxury.