What type of Caravan can I get ?


Caravan-Finance2Possibly the most important decision you’ll make in terms of what you’ll get for your money, here’s a bit of help with the process of buying a new caravan for sale.

As with any big purchase, there’s a lot to think about when you’re looking to buy your first caravan. Your first decision, however, will probably be whether or not to buy new or used.

Of course, there are many layouts that will work for you, but you’re not likely to really decide on what you love the most unless you live with and in that option for a while.

This is one of the main arguments for buying a used caravan. For first timers, it’s a good test to see if all your research has paid off. Does the sleeping arrangement work in practice? If not, a used caravan is less of a financial hit if you do want to swap after a year or two.

However, that said, a tourer that’s fresh off the line from a caravan manufacturer will have all the benefits that come with it, too. While you take a depreciation hit in the cost, your purchase comes with many years of guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

What your money buys: NEW


£10,000 to £13,000

Compact, lightweight caravans, with basic equipment and with the advantage of being very low in weight.

£13,000 to £15,000

In this price bracket you will find a good range of budget caravans.

£15,000 to £20,000

Well-equipped tourers.

£20,000 to £25,000

Luxury tourers with high levels of equipment.


No-expense-spared caravans loaded with equipment. At this level you are buying into real touring luxury.

What your money buys USED


£1000 to £2500                

There’s very little choice at this price but you can get lucky. These will be caravans made at the time when most caravans had only basic equipment. Be prepared to replace things like the carpet if it’s marked. If you can find a caravan at this price that you like and is in remarkable condition for its year, go for it, keep it for a year or two, then trade it in for a newer model.

£2500 to £5000                

For under £5000 you can find occasional real gems. They’re older caravans, and so the fabrics will look dated and equipment levels were much lower 15 or so years ago, so spec will be simple compared with today’s tourers.

£5000 to £8000                

If you are prepared to go to £8000 you are buying into a big choice. All dealers will have a good selection in this price range.

£8000 to £10,000            

At this price range there is an excellent choice and you’ll be able to find a number of different options to suit whatever caravanning lifestyle you’re looking for.

£10,000 to £12,000        

The more you pay the newer you get. Or the higher spec you get; the choice is yours.


You are approaching nearly-new territory in this price range.