How does Caravan Finance work?

When you buy a caravan on finance, you get to bypass any upfront payment and drive away with your new caravan quickly. Buying a caravan outright can be very expensive, but caravan loans offer an affordable alternative – allowing you to spread the total cost of the vehicle over a series of monthly repayments that you can afford easily. You can even choose how long you’d like to repay your finance over – with terms ranging from 1 to 10 years. 

Have you found the perfect touring caravan? If so – our quick and easy online application form takes just minutes to fill in. Once you’ve applied, one of our caravan finance specialists will contact you within the hour to discuss your application. If you’re still looking for your ideal model, there’s no need to worry. We can arrange finance for you in advance, giving you the freedom to shop around at your leisure – safe in the knowledge that the funds are already taken care of and therefore you can shop around as a cash buyer.

If you’d rather not pay an initial deposit, that can also be arranged. While this will increase how much you’ll need to repay each month, we’re happy to offer caravan finance with no deposit required – meaning you can avoid this up front fee and will only have to budget for your ongoing monthly installments.

Thanks to our flexible caravan finance deals, you can buy a touring caravan from just about anywhere. If you’re buying privately, you can leave the history checks to us – and we’ll check for outstanding finance, too. Buying a caravan on finance through a private seller comes with some additional dangers, in terms of any potentially dubious history surrounding the vehicle in question – which is why we take a proactive approach to eliminating any concerns surrounding the seller.

Alternatively, if you choose to buy through a dealership, we can help with the communication and paperwork. Just pass the dealership’s details on to a member of our caravan finance team and we’ll help you every step of the way!

So if you need caravan finance and would like the flexiblity we offer, then apply today or get in touch by calling us on 01622 200 150.

We can help get you accepted for Caravan finance no matter what your credit history is like & we offer some of the best Caravan Finance deals on the internet.